A person who has been leaving meat in a park has been urged to stop.

Brighton and Hove City Council is investigating instances of big pieces of meat being discarded in Vale Park, Portslade.

Dog walkers spoke of their horror at discovering the animal bones and said the weird occurrences have been happening for around three months.

There are concerns the slabs of meat could pose a health risk and attract vermin.

It is not known who is leaving the meat or why they are doing it.

One woman, who regularly takes her dog to the park, said the types of meat and bones vary with some looking like they came from a lamb and others looking like they came from a cow.

She said the pieces looked as if they had been cut with an electric bone saw.

“It did stop for a short time then it started up again.

“It’s not nice seeing body parts scattered everywhere.”

The council did not mince its words and told the culprit to desist and “dispose of their meat properly”.

People have been advised not to go near the meat and contact the Cityparks team.

A council spokesman said: “We don’t know who is leaving meat in Vale Road Park and we don’t know why they are doing so. But we are investigating.

“We would very much ask them to stop doing so – and to dispose of their meat properly.

“It is clearly a potential health hazard that could also attract vermin. We would advise people to avoid it and make sure their animals avoid it too.

“We are aware that some local residents have been disposing of the meat they have spotted.

“We do appreciate this, but we would instead like to encourage them to report the occurrences to Cityparks@brighton-hove.gov.uk – for their own safety and so that we can dispose of the meat safely and monitor the extent of the problem.”