Demand for emergency food parcels has risen by 25 per cent in the last year in Brighton.

Statistics from Brighton and Hove City Council show that nearly 1,400 emergency food parcels have been given out in city food banks in 2023. One in three recipients were children.

A council appeal is now looking to raise £35,000 to help tackle the cost-of-living crisis this winter.

Vanessa O’Shea, of the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, said: “Worryingly, when we asked food banks about the people helped with emergency parcels last year, one in three were children. 

"I would urge those that can afford to help out to please consider donating to help those struggling behind closed doors in the city.”


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“Every contribution means fewer people have to choose between heating and eating. Please donate to the appeal.”

Brighton and Hove’s Cost of Living Action Appeal has been set up to help residents struggling with food and energy costs.

Jo-Anne Carden, of Brighton's Citizen's Advice Bureau, told of how a man had been living in the same room as his gas cooker while receiving oxygen treatment. A community nurse said she was "scared of an explosion" and the bureau has worked to have the gas cooker replaced.

Councillor Tristram Burden, Brighton and Hove City Council’s lead member for the cost of living crisis, said: “We’re seeing first hand the devastating impact rising energy and food costs are having on our most vulnerable residents.

“We’re continuing to work with our partners across the city to explore all available options for support. Funding is limited, increasing pressures on already over-stretched services.

“The Cost of Living Action Appeal is a vital initiative to ensure any spare funds from citizens who can afford to help go where they’re needed most."

Donations will be split equally to combat fuel poverty and help those facing food shortages.

The appeal raised over £75,000 last year and is aiming to raise £35,000 this year in response to the cost of living crisis.