A “magical” superpod of hundreds of dolphins has been spotted off the coast of Sussex.

More than 500 dolphins were spotted swimming and leaping out of the water ten miles from Eastbourne.

The natural phenomenon was spotted and filmed by a fisherman and is believed to only happen once a year.

Jake Davidson, 27, who filmed the dolphins, said: "It’s quite a rare sighting to see common dolphins in this part of the UK and especially in the numbers we saw.

The Argus: Jake Davidson looking at the dolphinsJake Davidson looking at the dolphins (Image: SWNS)

"We saw huge amounts of dolphins jumping, chasing and swimming together and before we knew it we were in the middle of the pod.


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"They put on a huge display for us and the feeling was magical. We felt privileged to see such an occurrence.

“The whole event will stay with us for life and each time I experience dolphins it’s a pleasure to have seen it.

"You feel like you have witnessed a bit of the natural world's magic."