One of Brighton’s longest standing employers is set to open new offices in the city.

Domestic and General, who provide aftercare for home appliances across the country, has new offices in Brighton's New England Street for over 300 employees in the city.

The offices will include modern working spaces and are described as being “dedicated to our employees”.

Anna Capitanio, chief people officer at D&G, said: “D&G has been a major employer in Brighton for over 20 years and we believe it's important that our 300 team members have a modern, bright and vibrant place where they can come together.

“This new space is dedicated to our employees, giving them an environment which they can use when they choose to work from the office - with the facilities to support both the professional and social sides of being part of D&G.

“This launch is all part of our group-wide fully flexible work policy allowing people to shape how and where they work to deliver the best outcomes for themselves and our customers.


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“Ultimately, we want our people to be as productive and happy as possible. We are delighted to have found the solution here in Brighton.”

D&G employs around 300 people in Brighton and Hove as well as 3,000 people nationally. It has employed people in the city for more than 20 years.

The company provides aftercare for domestic appliances worldwide including in Spain, Australia and the United States.

The company also has offices in London, Nottingham and Bedworth.

Images of the new offices show modern working spaces as well as kitchen appliances and social spaces.

The offices also include booth spaces for collaborative working as well as large open spaces.