A primary school has kept its "good" rating following a recent Ofsted inspection.

Holmbush Primary Academy, in Hawkins Crescent, Shoreham, was inspected on November 21 and 22.

The academy, which is part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, educates students ranging from nursery age to Year 6 students.

The inspection found that students at the school are "polite, respectful and kind" and that they are "proud and happy to be part of their welcoming community".

It was also reported that staff support pupils' emotional wellbeing and that many pupils have made "impressive" behavioural improvements while at the school.

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The school, run by principal Susan Stickley, was also found to offer a number of opportunities for children, including after-school clubs and local trips, that help the children to stay active, build resilience, and broaden their understanding of the world.

It was also reported that pupils at the school are encouraged to take on leadership roles including head boy and girl, play leader and anti-bullying ambassador.

The report read: "The school supports pupils to develop into leaders.

"Roles including head boy and girl, play leader and antibullying ambassador give pupils opportunities to take on responsibility.

"Disadvantaged pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), are particularly well represented in these roles."

In terms of learning, Ofsted that "reading is a top priority" at the school and staff have been able to effectively teach phonics using well-matched books.

Inspectors also reported that one-to-one support was available for pupils who needed extra aid.

The report goes on to praise the school's exceptional support for SEND pupils and their broad curriculum.

Although the school, its leadership and safety standards were praised highly, Ofsted did note some ways the school could improve.

Inspectors found that while the school has high expectations for all students, these have not always been reflected in external test results.

In the most recent results, writing remained a weakness for Year 6 pupils, however this has now become a focus for the trustees and leaders.

It was also advised by Ofsted that lesson activities need to be more precise to help children learn key content in lessons.

Ofsted said that this inspection was the first ungraded inspection the school has received since being rated good pre-Covid-19 pandemic.