A man who stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s new partner has denied that he murdered him in a jealous rage.

Kaydon Prior admitted being responsible for the ten stab wounds which killed lifeguard Harrison Tomkins in August.

However, Prior denied that the killing was driven by “jealous anger” after he and Jason Curtis burst in on Mr Tomkins with Prior's ex.

Charlotte Newell KC, defending Prior, asked him whether he accepted that Mr Tomkins died from injuries he inflicted, to which he replied: “Yes.”

But when asked if the stabbing was “from jealous anger”, he disagreed.


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A jury in Chichester heard Harrison Tomkins died after being stabbed ten times with a 16cm hunting knife in Alicia Parrin’s flat in Ifield near Crawley.

Ms Parrin told the court she was dropping off to sleep during her first night with Harrison when Prior and his friend Jason Curtis burst in.

She said Prior ripped the duvet off them before pinning Harrison to the bed by his legs and stabbing him.

Alicia, 21, denied the two men fought to the death in her bedroom.

The altercation took place after Mr Tomkins and Ms Parrin had been on a work leaving do in Crawley. Prior and Curtis had also been on a birthday night out in London.

Ms Newell KC said Prior denied that his and Ms Parrin’s relationship was violent but she insisted that it was.

Ms Parrin also told the court she had told Prior that they were split up but that he believed “in his mind” that they were still together.

Kaydon Prior and Jason Curtis deny murdering Harrison Tomkins at the flat in Arthur Road in Ifield near Crawley on August 13 last year.

Prior also denies beating Alicia Parrin and carrying an offensive weapon.

The jury heard Alicia told police Prior grabbed her by the hair and was punching her in the head saying he should stab her too.

The trial at Lewes Crown Court in Chichester continues.