People are debating whether or not a seaside town should have a rude restaurant.

On the Seaford Notice Board (Official) Facebook page, a resident asked for opinions on whether Seaford would benefit from a restaurant like the controversial Karen's Diner brand.

Karen's Diner is an interactive diner experience known for having rude waiters that force customers to play a variety of stupid games.

There is currently a branch in Brighton Marina that has been scrutinised recently for discussing bl*w j*bs with a nine-year-old child.

On this local Facebook group, mixed views were shared on the idea of a rude restaurant like this coming to the town.

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Vicki Garbutt said: "I've been to Karen's diner. Over-priced food and definitely a one-time experience… it's not a place you would revisit."

Laura Hooper also said: "Looks great fun just for the experience but that's all it will be, just the once.

"Seaford has enough eating places, cafes, restaurants we really don't need anymore. Wouldn't do well in a small town, better in big city."

Other people argued that the demographic in Seaford means that it may not succeed.

Michael Spence said: "Can't see it working here with the lack of "youth culture". Can't see the older generation enjoying it."

However, some residents did show support for the idea.

Tammie Findlay Steadman said: "This would be hilarious."

As well as sharing their opinions on whether or not they would approve of such a restaurant, suggestions were also given on the type of eatery the town could benefit from.

Ang Felix said: "I’d rather have a theatre café where staff sing songs from musicals flash mob style (with themed nights like the Mamma Mia one). Much nicer than rude staff."

Fellow resident Mary Shiner said: "How about a 'Kind' restaurant where everyone is nice to everyone?"

At the moment, the only Karen's Diner restaurant in Sussex is in Brighton Marina.