A new health centre which specialises in urology has treated thousands of patients in just five months.

The Urology Investigation and Treatment Centre at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath opened in October last year and has treated nearly 4,000 patients since.

It specialises in conditions including diseases of the kidneys, bladder and prostate as well as certain types of cancer.

The centre, run by University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, cost £8 million to build.

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It can accommodate up to 70 patients a day and has a "one-stop clinic"

 where specialist nurses and consultants can offer care that reduces the need for multiple appointments.

The Argus: The facilities at the centre have helped patients access treatment quicker

This means patients can be assessed, treated and sent home to recover within a few hours.

Sally Goodman, lead nurse for urology, said: "New treatment rooms and equipment have enabled us to undertake new minimally invasive procedures, which avoid general anaesthetic and inpatient stays, enhancing the care for patients.

"With our lovely new pristine environment to work in we have found it easier to recruit and are able to offer professionals the opportunity to join a cohesive and supportive multidisciplinary team, with medical and nursing expertise in one space to deliver excellent care to patients.”

The Argus: The centre cost £8 million

The centre also aims to create a "pleasant and relaxed environment" for patients and has a newly refurbished reception and spacious waiting rooms.

Martin Glazebrook, capital project manager, said: "This transformative new building is great for staff, with amenities including separate nurse stations, storage areas, modern open plan office space and a seminar training room for medical students."

The centre aims to reduce patient waiting times.