A dog needed emergency care after eating a bun with raisins.

Freddie, a three-year-old crossbreed from Brighton, ate the homemade chelsea bun when his owner's back was turned.

He was rushed to Brighton PDSA Pet Hospital, in Robertson Road, and given urgent medical help.

The dog was sick as a result of the raisins in the bun and had to be put on a fluid drip.

Freddie's owner, full-time mum Kia, said: "Freddie’s a much-loved member of our family and a good boy, but very food-motivated, which is how the unfortunate Chelsea bun incident came about.

"Unfortunately, Freddie got hold of the Chelsea bun and swallowed it whole before we could do anything to stop him.

The Argus: He received emergency treatment

"He was sick, and his vomit looked different from what I’d seen before."

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Kia took Freddie to the pet hospital who were concerned by the impact this food item could have on Freddie.

Kit Cornell, veterinary nurse at the Brighton PDSA Pet Hospital, said: "The Chelsea bun Freddie ate contained raisins, which can be poisonous to dogs, causing acute kidney failure in some cases and even death.

"Besides vomiting, Freddie was otherwise well, so he was admitted for a fluid drip to support his kidneys and hopefully prevent any damage.

The Argus: Apprentice veterinary nurse Michael Knight was one of the team caring for Freddie

"After 48 hours in the pet hospital, Freddie’s blood test results came back normal, so he was able to return home and remain under the watchful eye of his loving owner, Kia.

"Accidents are bound to happen, but cases like Freddie’s show just how important it is to keep a watchful eye on your four-legged friends and be aware of all the potential poisons and deadly in and around your home.”

More information on what to do if your pet eats something harmful can be found at pdsa.org.uk/pet-help-and-advice/pet-health-hub/symptoms/my-dog-has-eaten-something-harmful

Kia said that thanks to the PDSA, Freddie is "home where he belongs".

The PDSA, which is a veterinary charity, hopes Freddie’s story will warn pet owners to take precautions in the run-up to Easter celebrations as this is when there is an  increase in sweet treats, like hot cross buns, around the home.

Dogs should also be kept away from easter eggs, which can also be harmful to these pets.