People fear a town will have "nothing left" if plans to close a large department store go ahead.

Retailer Marks and Spencer has outlined plans to shut its Crawley branch, prompting concerns for the future of the area.

The store, which has been in Queensway for decades, is one of over 100 branches projected to close in the coming years.

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The closure is said to be part of the retailer's plans to meet changing shopping habits.

Graham Bennett, regional manager of Marks and Spencer, added: "We’re rotating our store estate to make sure we have the right stores with the right space to offer customers a brilliant shopping experience."

However, the proposal to close this branch has been met with upset from people living in the town, with one person saying it is the final "nail in the coffin".

Graham Bourne said: "Crawley town centre has gone right downhill. The loss of M&S is another nail in the coffin."

Another resident, Tracey Sutton, said: "Poor Crawley will have nothing left soon, the last time I went up there it looked so sad.

"We need our shops."

The town was also referred to as "becoming a ghost town" by Pam Turpie, who said there is "no point" going anymore.

Becky Williams, who shared this same view, said: "Crawley is becoming extremely empty for shops now.

"Such a shame to see M&S will close after so many years.

"Crawley use to be a good place to shop and now there’s almost no point visiting."

Since the news broke, many people have also expressed anger at the state of the high street as online shopping becomes increasingly popular.

Sarah White said: "Shopping online is killing the town centres."

Fernanda Lima, who called the news "sad", said: "Retail companies are doing so bad everywhere, no wonder, most people buy everything on the internet. In a few years' time there won't be any shopping centres either at this rate."

Mr Bennett said that the company will aim to give staff alternative roles "wherever possible" if the closure goes ahead.

He said: "Our priority now is to talk to our colleagues about what this announcement means for them.”