A "stock exchange bar" has opened in the city centre with plans to offer a "vibrant atmosphere" with the novelty concept.

Enigma opened this weekend, replacing the now-closed Zahara bar in West Street, Brighton.

The bar includes a "drinks exchange" system where prices of beverages rise and fall based on demand - just like a regular stock exchange.

A spokesman for the bar said on their website that they planned to offer a "colourful and immersive experience", adding: "We are passionate about creating a vibrant atmosphere where you can enjoy great cocktails, delicious food, and good music."


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Stock exchange bars work by increasing and decreasing prices of beers, cocktails and other drinks depending on how much they are being bought at any given time.

The concept also involves events such as a "market crash" where prices for all drinks plummet for a set time.

Similar bars have proved popular in London, Nottingham and across Europe and America.

Enigma opened its doors on Friday, March 22. The bar is open from 12pm to 12.30am from Wednesday to Sunday.