The new chief executive of an LGBT support charity says he wants to “reflect and celebrate” the group’s achievements as it heads towards its 50th anniversary.

Paul Hook will take over the helm of Brighton's LBGTQ+ Switchboard at the beginning of April and says he “excited” to continue tackling the challenges that the community faces.

It comes as Switchboard heads towards its golden anniversary having supported LBGTQ+ people with dementia care, grief support and other wellbeing services since 1975.

Paul, who is married and lives in Brighton, said: “LGBTQ+ people still face many challenges and injustices that affect them all the time, so it’s really important that there are strong, responsive and expert organisations and teams - like those at Switchboard - who can work with the community to tackle some of these challenges.”


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“It will be important to look back, reflect and celebrate the achievements and contribution of everyone involved in Switchboard - past and present - and the community.”

Paul previously worked for a number of groups including Oxfam, Refugee Action and the National Federation of SubPostmasters before spending four years at the helm of Asylum Matters.

LGBTQ+ Switchboard is a hotline for LGBTQ+ people and receives thousands of calls a year.