A gym that suffered hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage has reopened after severe flooding caused by Storm Kathleen.

Three Sixty Fitness, on the A259 in Shoreham, welcomed members back on Saturday after a four-day closure.

The independent gym, founded by owner Chris Kraszewski, said it was "remarkable" how the community pulled together to restore the damage.

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Chris told The Argus: "It is truly remarkable how, despite the devastation to the gym, we were able to swiftly turn things around and reopen within just four days, thanks to the collective effort of everyone involved.

"Three Sixty Fit has been a hub for our members since its inception, and we are grateful for their continued loyalty and support."

Chris also said that the cost of the damage is "a substantial £200,000" and "poses a significant challenge" for the gym.

He said: "The cost of the damage amounts to a substantial £200,000. As an independent gym, this setback poses a significant challenge for our recovery efforts."

He also said that he has concerns over council delays to install flood gates.

The Argus: Other areas in the town also experienced flooding

Chris said: "I have some concerns related to the delays in the installation of flood gates at the Adur and Worthing Council.

"It is puzzling why the process has taken so long to reach the final planning stage, especially given the critical need for such defences in our area."

Adur and Worthing Council has said that installation of flood gates was delayed before the flooding.

An Adur District Council spokesperson said: “We’re committed to helping protect homes and businesses in Shoreham that are at risk of flooding from the river.

“We’re working with West Sussex County Council, Sussex Yacht Club and the Environment Agency on a project to build a wall up to 2.2 metres in height to defend dozens of properties from the overflowing River Adur during storms.

“However objections to the formal closure or diversion of a previously inaccessible public right of way that runs from Brighton Road to the shoreline, through the centre of the Sussex Yacht Club site, has delayed the scheme moving forward to date.

“Legally we would have to wait for a public inquiry to resolve those objections, which could take well over a year, so rather than delay the work further we plan to instead install a flood gate at the entrance to the right of way.

“We are currently amending our plans for the flood defences to include this gate, and will then go to Adur’s planning committee for approval. We want work on the flood defences to begin as soon as possible.”

The council also said that they "don't have the funding" to provide sandbags to local residents and businesses to help defend their properties from potential flooding.

They said that advice on protecting properties from flooding can be found at https://www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/preparing-for-emergencies/flooding-and-heavy-rain/.

Other places in the county also experienced flooding as a result of the storm last week.

A holiday park in Medmerry had to be evacuated.

Residents living by the harbour in Littlehampton were also evacuated as a result of the high tides and floods.