A cordon was put in place at a beach after explosive items were found.

Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team attended Medmerry Beach near Selsey after reports of ordnance on the shoreline.

The team found multiple items and contacted the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (E.O.D).

A controlled explosion was then carried out on Thursday when the tide was lower.

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A spokesman for the coastguard said: "The team were tasked to possible ordnance on Medmerry Beach. 

The Argus: A cordon had to be put in place

"The item was located along with several other pieces of ordnance after a search of the area. Photos were taken and sent to E.O.D.

"A cordon was then put in place. Unfortunately due to the incoming tide and the item being covered before E.O.D arrived on scene the team were stood down to return the following day.

The Argus: Ordnance was found on the beach this week

"If you come across ordnance or something you're not sure about on the beach, please don't touch it and call the coastguard straight away.

"Ordnance comes in all different shapes and sizes and ordnance found on this beach in the past and like this one has been found to still be highly explosive.

"This beach is closed to the public with no access due to multiple dangers including unexploded ordnance, please do not go past the rock armour on Medmerry Beach."