Two Wetherspoon pubs in Sussex are among the lowest rated in the country because of their “overpriced” food and “dirty cutlery”.

The Three Fishes and The Flying Horse pubs in West Sussex have the lowest percentage of five-star reviews on Google compared to the rest of the country.

The pubs were slammed by customers over their food and surroundings.

The Three Fishes in Chapel Road, Worthing, has a 3.8-star rating on Google but has just 32.63 per cent of five-star reviews on the platform.

One customer wrote earlier this year: “The food was good but let down by the dirty cutlery, I had to wait for replacement cutlery and even then I had to clean it under the hot water at the tea station.”

Another added: “My steak was quite tough even though it was the more expensive one and cold. Even after microwaving it was still cold. My partner's fish and chips were very nice however.”


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Wetherspoons prides itself on its cheap food and drink offerings, but customers at The Flying Horse in Gatwick Airport claimed the food was too expensive.

The pub had a lower percentage of five-star ratings, with just 32.38 per cent of customers who reviewed it giving top marks.

A disgruntled diner said: “Don’t eat at this naff pub take yourself to one of the much better restaurants that are the same price.”

Another added: “One of the worst Wetherspoon pubs I have ever been to.

“Dirty plates with food all over them everywhere and glasses and empty bottles all over the table. Way too overpriced for extremely mediocre food.”

The Flying Horse and the Three Fishes were rated the sixth and seventh worst-rated Wetherspoon pubs in the UK.

Wetherspoon pubs in London, Birmingham and Suffolk were among the worst-rated in the country.

In contrast, pubs in Manchester, Kent and Edinburgh were among the best-rated.

A spokesman for Wetherspoon defended the pubs, saying that a handful of Google reviews "does not give a true picture of each of the pubs.

The chain added said: "Both pubs are extremely popular and well run by the management team and staff.

“Both pubs attract thousands of visitors each year."