A police officer "manhandled" and wrongly arrested a woman in front of her young son.

PC Perry Lathwood grabbed Jocelyn Agyemang by the arm and handcuffed in an incident which she said left her feeling "violated" as she tried to take the bus.

Lathwood, of Norman's Bay near Bexhill, was found guilty of assault as a judge ruled he had no grounds to use the level of force he did.

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikram ruled it was “not necessary” for Lathwood to “grab the woman’s arm, arrest her and handcuff her”.

He continued: “She was difficult… but there were not reasonable grounds to suggest arrest was necessary.

“The officer made an error of judgment and overreacted. Handcuffing inflamed the situation even further."

Lathwood, of the Metropolitan Police, grabbed Ms Agyemang from a bus in Croydon in July last year.

Inspectors asked her whether she had paid her fare as Lathwood grabbed her by the arm, causing bruising, and handcuffed her.

Passers-by crowded around Lathwood, filming the incident and asking why Ms Agyemang had been arrested.

The Argus: Bodycam footage of the incidentBodycam footage of the incident (Image: PA)

Mr Ikram said Lathwood’s claims that he acted to protect Ms Agyemang’s child were “fanciful” and that he “simply did not believe him”.

“The officer’s evidence lacked all credibility,” he added.

Another officer took her Oyster card from her hand and went away with it to see if she had paid.

It was confirmed that Ms Agyemang had paid her fare and she was de-arrested at the scene.

“There was no necessity for an arrest,” he said.

Ms Agyemang said she felt “very violated” by the incident.

The police watchdog said it will now liaise with the force to progress disciplinary proceedings for the officer.

Lathwood, who is attached to the Metropolitan Police’s Road Traffic Policing Command, will be sentenced at the same court on June 14.