A man who chained himself to a bus sign in a bid to get it turned on has ended his protest – but says he will be back if it is not fixed.

On Friday Peter Stairs attached himself to the electric board at the bus stop in New Church Road, Hove, to protest against the fact that it had not been activated having been installed nearly a year ago.

He was home by the end of the day having made his point.

The Falklands Royal Navy veteran confirmed he has stopped his protest for now – but said he will be back in a month’s time if the problem is not resolved.

Peter, 79, said: “I’m going to give them a month to do it. If that thing is not connected up and working the next time I will go there and I will stay there until it is.

“If I hadn’t chained myself to it we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.”

Argus staff checked on him on Friday and Brighton and Hove City Councillors also visited on Saturday to check.

After chaining himself to the board, Peter unchained himself to get a comfortable chair from home, then resumed the sit-in.

Sussex Police were made aware of the protest and spoke to Mr Stairs, but did not intervene.

He went home on Friday afternoon.

A council spokesman said they completely understood Mr Stairs’ frustration and apologised.

“We are looking into why this digital display has not yet been activated and how quickly this can be resolved,” he said

Brighton and Hove Buses said it won't comment as the bus sign is council-owned property.