Most people have to jump through a few hoops to get ahead at work but they’ve got nothing on Chi Chi Revolver.

The hula hooping star is the proud holder of a new Guinness World Record after performing 112 rotations of a hula hoop in a minute while suspended upside down.

The 28-year-old performer was contacted by World Record organisers who were looking for somebody to create a new hula record for 2013.

But her original plan to create a new record for the longest time spent hula hooping upside down were quashed at the last minute over health and safety fears.

Talented Chi Chi, real name China Olver, has only been hula hooping for five years but has been performing in circuses since she was three years old when she performed in Ziz Ziz Kaboom with her father Fred Delius and Miriam King.

She has spent the last eight years with in Fred’s Flying Circus alongside her father.

As well as being a circus performer, Mrs Olver, of Station Road in Worthing, is a cabaret performer and a hula hoop teacher.

International performer

She has recently performed at the newly-opened Funfair club in Brighton as well as the Old Vic Tunnels in London and Times Square in New York.

Mrs Olver said: “When I was little I used to dress up as a dog and chase my dad who was a clown with a spider on a stick.

“I then did some work as a trapeze artist but I’m a bit clumsy so I thought I would choose something a little safer so turned to the hula hoop.

“I do one bit in my routine when I have about 60 rings swinging around me but that’s not the most difficult thing.

“That would be having rings on different parts of my body – on my knees, legs, waist and two on my arms.

“I also do one move in my cabaret act, which I developed when I wasn’t booked in for the circus in the summers, where I take a stocking off my leg and over my head while keeping a hoop on the other leg which is a bit tricky.

“I don’t really get nervous about the cabaret shows, I’ve been performing all my life.”

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