Two children were rescued from an inflatable kayak as it was blown out to sea.

Lifeboat crews pulled the youngsters to safety as they were swept out from Hove beach on Saturday.

RNLI crews from Shoreham RNLI took them back to shore where they were reunited with their family.

The RNLI has warned people not to use inflatables at sea due to the risk of being caught in the tide and then needing help from emergency services.

A spokesman for Shoreham RNLI said: “Our inshore lifeboat crew rescued two children in an inflatable kayak which was being blown out to sea in the offshore winds off Hove on Saturday afternoon.

“They brought them safely ashore to Shoreham Coastguard and their family.

“Remember save the inflatables for the swimming pool.”

It comes as many flocked to the coast to enjoy some of the sunny weather over the weekend, with temperatures reaching around 15C.