Firefighters came to the rescue of a four-year-old boy who had become a little too attached to his brother’s toy railway.

Seamus McCahill was taken by his mother Tamsin to Preston Circus fire station in Brighton just before 7pm on Sunday, December 2 after getting a section of his two-year-old brother Arthur’s miniature railway track stuck on his finger.

After an hour trying to free the four-year-old’s finger from the track, his parents realised he needed professional help and called East Sussex Fire and Rescue service.

Fortunately, a firefighter was able to snap the track off the St John the Baptist Primary School pupil’s finger.

Mrs McCahill, of Hanover Street in Brighton, said: “We tried for about an hour to get the track off ourselves using Vaseline, washing-up liquid and pliers but couldn’t shift it.

“We phoned the fire service and they told us to go round.

“Seamus was more than happy to take the little trip out and he absolutely loved going to the fire station.

"He was absolutely fine throughout the whole thing and he only cried once when I tried to wiggle the track off myself.”

Never silly

Firefighter Steve Lifzka, from Green Watch at Preston Circus, said: “The little lad came in and had a bit of wooden track stuck to his finger and we managed to cut the track in half and remove it.

“We always encourage people to get in touch with the fire brigade if they need something removing, no matter how silly it might seem.

“It’s quite unusual to have a little child with a train track stuck on their finger.

“Sometimes we do get it with people when they’ve outgrown their wedding rings or on stag and hen dos with handcuffs that people have to be cut out of.”

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