• Omar campaign heads to Europe

    A campaign to secure justice for a detainee at Guantanamo Bay is going to the European Parliament. The case of Omar Deghayes, a 36-year-old lawyer from Saltdean, who has been imprisoned in the Cuban military base for three years, will be heard by Euro

  • Hope for village in fear of the sea

    Owners of houses on the edge of a crumbling cliff have been offered hope of saving their homes. The Department for Rural Affairs (Defra) yesterday announced it would cover the full cost of any approved erosion scheme at Fairlight, near Hastings. The announcement

  • Seaside landmark to reopen

    An iconic Modernist building is to reopen, marking the completion of the first stage of an £8 million restoration. The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill has been closed for two years while work was carried out to transform the 70-year-old Grade I listed

  • Overnight hotel swap

    Hotel guests woke up in one hotel having gone to bed in another. Or so it seemed. Staff worked through the night to transform the Hilton Brighton West Pier Hotel into the Holiday Inn Brighton-Seafront. The carpet displaying the Hilton logo was pulled

  • North Laine residents fear parking charges

    Plans to radically change parking restrictions have sparked concern amongst residents of a busy shopping district. The North Laine Community Association (NCLA) fears Brighton and Hove City Council's plan to replace the city centre's eight parking zones

  • Football: Pacquette inspires comeback

    Richard Pacquette fired a win double as Worthing roared back from two goals down to continue their charge up the Ryman premier table at the Gladwish Stadium last night. The high-flying Reds could not get off the ground in a nightmare opening half. But

  • Letter: I'm all for eye-catching designs but not this one

    At the end of my street there is a large pile of squashed cardboard packets flanked by two stacks of heat-distorted milk crates. Urban squalor? Street cleaners' strike? No, this will be the view if I lived opposite the proposed King Alfred complex in

  • Letter: Flat costs

    Having just received this week's Brighton And Hove Leader, which includes a leaflet from Karis about the King Alfred Development, I am intrigued by the figures it provides. The total development cost is clearly shown to be £290 million (which presumably

  • Letter: Viaduct risk

    Years ago, I had a fine stone wall around a garden. When ivy and other plants grew on the wall, the roots could grow between the rocks and slowly push large rocks out of the wall. Without constant maintenance, the whole wall would have fallen down. Now

  • Sharp rise in violent crime

    Violent crime has risen sharply according to the latest Government figures. Home Office statistics show robberies, muggings and other acts of violence are up by 39 per cent across Sussex in just a year. Police and community workers have attempted to blame

  • Omar campaign heading to Europe

    A campaign to secure justice for a detainee at Guantanamo Bay is going to the European Parliament. The case of Omar Deghayes, a 36-year-old lawyer from Saltdean, who has been imprisoned in the Cuban military base for three years, will be heard by Euro

  • Letter: Tesco is getting too big for its boots

    "Ever onward" would seem the words for Tesco, supported it appears by Brighton and Hove City Council (The Argus, October 3). The latest development is an application to install a car wash at its Church Road store in Hove, where you already have to spend

  • Defendant says friend carried out fatal attack

    A man told a jury how he watched in shock as a friend brutally attacked a coffee shop worker in a park. Aadeel Virani said he was upset by what he witnessed but had no idea the victim, Seph Lawrance, was injured so badly he would die. Virani accused his

  • Letter: Poor argument

    Ian Slater (Letters, October 3) might do well to remember that the majority of people who voted "yes" for a stadium at Falmer in the ballot he quotes were a small proportion of the residents of Brighton and Hove. Those who didn't want a stadium at all

  • The Titfield Thunderbolt, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

    It is not often the theatre provides an evening of unadulterated fun. But that is the case with The Titfield Thunderbolt. The talented cast, headed by the ageless Kate O'Mara, gently send up the old Ealing Comedy and it works beautifully. As the feisty

  • Goldfrapp, Brighton Dome, Brighton

    If you saw Ladytron at Concorde 2 earlier this year, you probably paused before buying your Goldfrapp tickets. The four-piece plumb a similar vein in electronica to Goldfrapp but proved arch, highly-synthesised electro-pop doesn't always work live. Their

  • Queen Adreena, Concorde 2, Brighton

    In the early Nineties singer Katie Jane Garside and guitarist Cripsin Gray formed Daisy Chainsaw, a noisy rock outfit which blew away the floppy-fringed, guitar music of the day with psychotic shrieks and twisted riffs. Sadly, following the release of

  • Illustrator in line for prize with first book

    A children's illustrator has been shortlisted alongside the likes of Philip Pullman for a major prize with her debut book. Emily Gravett, 33, of Hollingbury, wrote and illustrated Wolves in six weeks as part of her degree course at the University of Brighton

  • IT company's future to be taken for granted

    An information technology company has been given £60,000 by the Government to develop new products after a tie-up with the University of Brighton. e-DBA, based in Ship Street, Brighton, provides database and IT support services for clients such as The

  • Ossie desperate for job

    Ossie Ardiles is "desperate" to return to English football, one of his closest friends revealed today. Steve Perryman says his former Tottenham team-mate "wants to be involved in a club in any way he can". Perryman's comments follow yesterday's front

  • Argentine interest is great news

    Gary Stevens is not surprised his former Spurs team-mate Ossie Ardiles and Diego Maradona are keen to invest in Albion. Ex-Seagulls star Stevens believes the Argentine legends' interest should be viewed positively by fans. The Argus broke the news yesterday

  • Letter: Ask the people

    In view of the bitter controversy about the new King Alfred complex, it is a pity the council did not follow the sensible procedure adopted by Hove Borough Council when it rebuilt Portland Gate. Three alternative plans were presented to the people, who

  • Letter: Give us a taste

    Included in this week's Brighton And Hove Leader is an interesting pamphlet about the proposed King Alfred development. On the back page of this pamphlet is a comment that the site will contain "754 homes, including 282 affordable homes". Does this mean

  • Top cops in booze rap

    Senior police at the heart of the Labour conference security operation have been disciplined after going for an off-duty drink and turning up late for work. Chief Superintendent Paul Pearce and Superintendent Ken Taylor turned up 20 minutes late for a

  • Letter: Thanks so much

    We would like to express our sincere thanks to the staff of the Royal Sussex County Hospital for looking after my father, who has spent some considerable time there. We are particularly grateful to the nursing staff in the intensive care unit for their

  • Boy savaged by dog

    A nine-year-old boy has been scarred for life after a childminder's dog savaged his face. The attack happened when Thomas Pritchard, his two-year-old brother Alfie and mother Maretta Jackson, 32, were visiting Deborah Stephens to decide whether she would

  • Letter: Why build over the beach?

    As I can see from the brochure published by Karis Holding to promote its development at the King Alfred site in Hove, the beach will disappear, replaced by concrete steps descending all the way to the sea. Am I the only person who noticed that? Obviously

  • And it's goodnight from him

    Tributes have poured in for Ronnie Barker, one of Britain's best loved television comics, following his death after a long period of heart trouble. Mr Barker, who was 76, had a second home in Littlehampton and was greatly admired by those whose lives

  • Letter: Not a nimby

    I can offer a cast-iron defence against Adrian Newnham's charge of "nimbyism" in my opposition to the building of a stadium at Falmer (Letters, September 30). I live in tied accommodation and shall have moved from Falmer long before any construction work

  • Keep up good work to tackle water shortage

    Householders are heeding drought warnings and saving some 19 million litres of water every day. But water levels in Sussex are still dangerously low following the driest period since the 1976 heatwave. Southern Water has thanked the public for responding

  • Omar campaign heads to Europe

    A campaign to secure justice for a detainee at Guantanamo Bay is going to the European Parliament. The case of Omar Deghayes, a 36-year-old lawyer from Saltdean, who has been imprisoned in the Cuban military base for three years, will be heard by Euro

  • Going Maradona mad

    Football fans have gone into a frenzy of speculation over reports two World Cup legends are interested in Brighton and Hove Albion. The news that football giants Diego Maradona and Ossie Ardiles could invest in the Seagulls has created a buzz of excitement

  • Another DIY cannabis factory found

    Police seized hundreds of cannabis plants from the latest in a string of major DIY drugs factories. Up to 600 plants worth thousands of pounds were growing in what police described as a "professional" operation in a residential area. The property in Upper

  • Rob Newman, Corn Exchange, Thursday, October 20

    Highly political and highly amusing, Newman's anticapitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-war brand of comedy is satirical and fiercely funny. Starts 7.30pm. Tickets cost £13.50 and £11.50, call 01273 709709.

  • Letter: Blind opposition

    I beg to differ with J Hayward (Letters, September 29). I would suggest it is mostly the people against the stadium who have never seen the site for the Falmer ground. If they were to see it, I suspect many of them would change their minds. -M Cheeseman

  • Letter: Silly old bat

    While walking my dog, Polly, I was attempting to cross the cycle lane on Hove seafront when I noticed a cycle approaching some yards away. I stepped back and kept my dog on a short lead to enable the cyclist to pass. I smiled, only to be greeted with

  • Letter: Bad example

    On my way to work early one morning last week, I saw two police officers blithely cycle up the pavement in Bartholomews, opposite Brighton Town Hall. If this road was one-way, they might have had just cause (even though they were obviously not in "hot

  • Letter: The things you think of at 3am

    Due to my diabetic condition, I have to make regular nocturnal visits to the bathroom. The consequence of this is that my body is still semi-comatose but my brain is wide awake and asking weird and wonderful questions: 1, Where is the most lonely place