SEX TOURISTS and residents of Brighton and Hove have taken to an adult chat forum to discuss the city's best dogging hotspots. 

By day, Brighton's beauty spots and rural areas are enjoyed by families and people looking to get back to nature.

But by night, these spots are being used as a rendezvous point for sexual exhibitionists who fancy a bit of dogging. 

The act of dogging (watching or engaging in sexual activity in a public place) actually isn't illegal, but if someone catches you in the act and is offended then an offence may have been committed. 

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The website, Swinging Heaven, has listed the favourite places couples enjoy outdoor sex.

Car parks, beaches, nature trails, parks and woodlands are amongst the places couples carry out their exhibitionist activities while others watch.

Here are a few of the dogging hot spots in and around Brighton: 

Devil’s Dyke, Brighton

The Argus:

Dyke's Hollow is a popular dogging spot.

Devil’s Dyke is a highly popular destination for families to go and enjoy picnicking and hiking.

However, the National Trust spot has a shadier side to it as it is one of the top dogging areas in Brighton and Hove.

One review of the car park said: "DEFINITELY a dogging spot! Parked up during the day today for a midday nap and guys are walking up to my van to look through the (blacked out) windows."

Dukes Mound, Brighton

The Argus:

One of the most famous dogging spots in Brighton has got to be Dukes Mound - people have been coming to this seafront spot (with one thing in mind) for years.

Loved by dogging locals and sex tourists apparently there's dogging day and night here.

One anonymous review on Swinging Heaven said: "Dukes mound stretches for about a quarter mile with lots of hiding places and a big temple at the end. 

"This place is popular 24 hours a day, although note, lots of gay dogging action here."

Brighton Rugby Ground

Famous amongst doggers and sex tourists alike, more than just the rugby ball goes down at this rugby ground. 

One reviewer left some advice for exhibitionists saying to visit during the evenings after training. They added that they have had "some amazing times" at the  rugby ground.

The Ridge, Hastings

The Argus:

Google Maps

Hastings has a few dogging hotspots including Fairlight Naturist Beach and the country park.

The Ridge is described by a reviewer on Swinging Heaven as "full of places to use". 

They said: "I have been down there six times in the last three months and had good fun every time - give it a try."

A reviewer of the naturist beach said: “I once swam out chest deep and made love in the water in view of the beach dwellers."

The Clayton Windmills, Pyecombe

The Argus:

Andy Gardner's photograph

The Clayton Windmills, or Jack and Jill, provide fun and frolics for families and history buffs alike.

But it’s in the windmill’s car park where the dogging community find its thrills.

One anonymous said: “The cars at the far end of the car park are all players but the cars at the entrance are not and should be left alone.

“Guaranteed Friday and Saturday evening, but like elsewhere, it can be slow during the week.”