A yellow weather warning for snow and ice across Sussex has been lifted as the wintery forecast continues to move north.

Some parts of Sussex were hit with a blanket of white this morning after a Met Office weather warning was put in place for the region.

The warning, which had previously been set to last until tomorrow morning, has now been moved north and lifted across the south coast.

An update on the Met Office website said: “Warning updated to extend the warning area further north and remove parts of southern UK where the likelihood of impacts from snow and ice has waned.”

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Instead of snow, the south coast snow is expected to turn to rain for the rest of the day.

A previous hour-by-hour forecast had suggested that more snow was to be expected this evening.

Many people woke up to find their cars and houses covered in snow with roads and fields blanketed in white.

Travel was also slowed by the weather including train services in Sussex and departures from Gatwick Airport.