Caroline Lucas has joined the campaign trail in an effort to turn a traditionally Conservative ward Green for the first time.

Ms Lucas, the MP for Brighton Pavilion, went canvassing with the party’s three candidates in the ward; Daniel Rue, Norma Fletcher and Sophie Broadbent.

Speaking exclusively to The Argus, she said she was “incredibly proud” of the Green-led administration, particularly after taking control at the height of the pandemic.

“In spite of all the difficulties, the city has come out as well as it possibly could - particularly with the number of small businesses that managed to stay afloat,” Ms Lucas said.

She particularly praised the number of affordable and sustainable council houses being constructed, which has made the city “one of the top councils in the country for the number being built”.

The Argus:

Ms Lucas added: “People are willing to embrace a change and we’ve got some fantastic candidates who have been active in the community for a long time.

“They’re demonstrating that they are listening and I think that’s what the Greens do so well.”

The party came within 300 votes of winning a seat in the area in a by-election in 2021.

Daniel Rue, a technical sales professional standing as a Green candidate in Patcham, said he is “quite confident” that the Greens will improve on that result and be able to win seats from the Tories in next month’s election.

The Argus: Daniel Rue has been campaigning with fellow Green candidates Norma Fletcher, left, and Sophie BroadbentDaniel Rue has been campaigning with fellow Green candidates Norma Fletcher, left, and Sophie Broadbent (Image: Brighton and Hove Green Party)

He said: “Nationally, you are seeing a movement on environmental issues and people want change. People respect when you say ‘let’s try something new’. I think we can bring a lot of fresh energy to the area and that’s resonating with people.

“We’re in a strong position across the whole city - people are really keen for change and the momentum the Greens are bringing in and we want to be part of bringing that to Patcham and Hollingbury.”

Mr Rue said that the party has shown it can deliver for residents and get things done.

He said: “Things aren’t perfect, such as the bins, recycling and weeds, but in our manifesto we are bringing forward plans to address these and I think people are willing to trust us to make these changes because we have got actions over promises.

“Patcham needs councillors that are going to be part of the administration and who can get things done and be part of the change they want to bring to the area.”


In a message to undecided voters in Patcham and Hollingbury, Ms Lucas said: “Look at what the Greens deliver when they get into office. We’ve made real changes to the city for the better.

“We know sometimes people in Patcham can feel a bit forgotten - I can absolutely promise who votes Green at the election that if we get elected here, Patcham will be front and centre at the council because we really want to make sure the whole city is included in the policies we are putting forward.”

Voters go to the polls across the city on May 4 to elect 54 councillors for the next four years.