Green Party candidates have pledged to improve recycling rates across the city and tackle excessive plastic waste.

Since taking control of the council in 2020 the party managed to renegotiate a long-standing recycling contract with Veolia to allow for the collection of hard plastic at waste sites.

The Greens now want to extend opportunities for residents to recycle by introducing weekly recycling collections.

A spokeswoman for the party said the plans, along with food waste collections, would mean general waste collections will “become increasingly less needed” and the proposal is to move to a fortnightly collection schedule.


Sophie Broadbent, one of the party’s candidates in Patcham and Hollingbury, said: “We need to fix the plastic waste issue as we wish to improve the national economy. Creating more circular economies where resources are given new life is better for the planet and better for our finances.

“With our plan to facilitate waste reduction and recycling across the city from weekly collections to water refill points we know it’s achievable to turn the tide and fight back against unnecessary waste.

“Over the last few years, Labour and Conservative councillors have consistently blocked us making vital progress to sort out plastic waste.

“To make our plans a reality we need Green councillors. To have Green councillors we need your vote.”

Green candidates are also planning to tackle plastic waste in the city by introducing more water refill points across the city to allow residents to reuse bottles with greater convenience.

The Argus:

Recycling rates in Brighton and Hove were at just 30.1 per cent last year, among the worst in the country.

However, Brighton and Hove City Council has claimed many councils, including those only responsible for collection, report higher recycling figures but a significant amount ends up being shipped overseas for landfill or burning.

Voters go to the polls across the city on May 4 to elect 54 councillors for the next four years.

In a first for an election in Brighton and Hove, residents will need to take a form of photo ID to polling stations in order to cast their ballot.