Voters in Brighton and Hove go to the polls today to elect the city’s 54 councillors for the next four years.

The people elected to the city council will have significant power to shape our day-to-day lives but what does Brighton and Hove City Council have control over?

Here’s a quick guide into the power of our local council:

Brighton and Hove City Council is a “unitary authority” which combines the powers normally separated between county councils, like West Sussex, and district or borough councils like Worthing and Lewes.


That means councillors elected today will have power to shape the city’s approach to education, planning, transport, social care, rubbish and recycling collections and housing.

The city council is also responsible for council tax collections, fire and public safety and managing the city’s libraries.

Unlike some other councils in England, Brighton and Hove elects all of its councillors in one big election every four years as opposed to electing a third of the council each year over three years.