An independent candidate says he has received “positive feedback” from residents in his campaign for re-election.

Peter Atkinson was first elected as a Labour councillor in North Portslade in 2015. However he quit the party in 2021 over the party’s approach to tackling anti-semitism.

He is now running for a third term as an independent.

Mr Atkinson said: “I've had some really positive feedback. It has been an honour to represent the residents of North Portslade and Mile Oak for the past eight years and if re-elected I promise to maintain the same level of engagement and hard work.”

Since being elected in 2019, he says he has worked hard for residents to address problems with antisocial behaviour, taking action on a number of abandoned vehicles and working with the city council and Mile Oak FC to get a new pitch installed.


Among his priorities if re-elected is to demand greater investment into Portslade Sports Centre.

Mr Atkinson has called on Freedom Leisure to plough the same amount of money into the site as is allocated to Withdean Sports Centre.

He expressed concern that the site is “not getting a fair deal with their finances” with ageing gym equipment, repairs taking a long time to complete and problems with “low level” antisocial behaviour.

“Portslade Sports Centre is a great facility for local people but it needs a bit more investment and care from Freedom Leisure,” he said.

“It is an incredibly important community resource for local residents and I just want to make sure that the staff and the centre itself get a fair deal when it comes to resources.”

The Argus:

Mr Atkinson is running against another independent councillor in the ward, Anne Pissaridou, who was suspended from the Labour Party over allegedly posting anti-semitic material on social media.

Labour, the Conservatives, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats are also standing candidates in the ward.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday to elect 54 councillors from across the city for the next four years.