Gatwick Airport was evacuated last night after passengers bypassed security through a fire door.

The North Terminal of the international airport was evacuated after passengers entered the departure lounge through a fire door and jumped onto flights without going through security.

Passengers were forced to file out of the terminal and had to be re-screened causing chaos as flights were delayed and cancelled.

In an update on Twitter, a London Gatwick spokesman said: “A fire alarm was triggered and the terminal had to be evacuated.

“When re-entering the terminal, passengers had gone through to the departure lounge and onto flights via a fire door.

“Therefore passengers in these areas had to be brought back through security for re-screening.”


The airport warned that passengers would be delayed in returning through security and apologised for the inconvenience.

Passengers took social media to complain about the chaos at the airport which took place at around 7pm yesterday evening.

One passenger wrote: “A bloody disgrace. No control, management or planning. Have had to sleep in the airport all night.”

Another added: “Boarding passes were all scanned and my flight to Inverness was ready to take off but was pulled.

“The answer isn’t good enough. In this situation, dynamic risk assessment is essential not just a lazy, dangerous, ridiculous blanket decree.”

The airport was approached for comment regarding the delays and cancellations.