Staff at a homeless charity have taken to the streets as part of an indefinite strike over pay.

Workers from St Mungo’s are in their fifth week of a walkout which aims to secure a pay rise from senior management.

While staff added that they were still in good spirits they expressed concern for their clients and how a continuing strike would affect the most vulnerable in society.

A worker for the charity said: “We’re massively important to people in Brighton. If you take us away it's more of a problem, people’s lives are really affected.


“It’s stressful because we’re not getting much money and have this worry about the clients. Theres a real concern for their welfare and wellbeing.

“I want to see my colleagues being paid what they deserve.”

Staff at the charity have been asking for a ten per cent pay rise and originally went on strike for four weeks after being offered a rise of just over two per cent.

The strike was extended indefinitely after what union members describe as a lack of movement from senior leadership.

At the demonstration near the Clocktower in Brighton city centre on Friday, workers waved flags and held placards protesting at their predicament.

The group also help a bucket which sought to collect funds for the union’s hardship fund.

A Unite union representative said: “It is difficult for those doing the frontline work.

“It’s a little bit hard to take when people high up on the charity are on that much money and are telling us there's no money.

“We don’t want to be out on strike, we like doing the job but it's difficult and we need enough money to live.

“When we see clients out and about they have been very supportive but they will be affected. We care about the people we support.

“Our clients being some of the most vulnerable in society understand when we don’t have enough money to pay.”

Emma Haddad, chief executive of St Mungo’s, said: "St Mungo’s senior leadership and Unite representatives met on June 29 at the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

"The meeting was conciliatory and, after several adjournments, a package was proposed to resolve the current dispute, which Unite will take to their members for a ballot in the next few days.”