Beachgoers have been warned to “look but not touch” as stinging jellyfish have been spotted on Sussex beaches.

Compass jellyfish have been sighted across the Sussex coast in recent weeks, most recently at Climping Beach.

Arun District Council’s foreshores officer Charlie Thwaites spotted one recently.

A spokesman for the council said: “We just want to make people aware, and to keep an eye on your dogs. 

“Please avoid touching these beautiful creatures and admire them from a distance.”

Sussex Wildlife Trust has also warned beachgoers to stay away from them.


“They are beautiful but give a nasty sting,” said a spokeswoman for the charity.

“With brown marking reminiscent of a compass, this jellyfish is really quite distinctive.

“If you spot them during a visit to the beach – look, but don’t touch.

“Once they have stung something, jellyfish often leave the tentacle behind and can continue to sting using it even when not connected to their body.”

Compass jellyfish are summer visitors to our shores and feed on small fish, crabs and even other jellyfish.