A TEENAGER who stabbed his best friend to death has been jailed for life.

Trent Hutchinson plunged a knife into the back and skull of pal Ollie Wells in Elphick Road, Newhaven.

The 17-year-old, who can now be named thanks to a media application made by The Argus, was found guilty of the “brutal” murder.

Now The Argus can reveal how Trent lost his temper in an “explosion of anger” on January 6 in a row with Ollie.

He was seen by his mother attacking Ollie, who was crouched on the ground and pleading with him moments before the knife attack.

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The two parted, but Trent, aged 17, “walked purposefully” through his home to fetch a knife before turning back to confront him.

His mother Rita Hutchinson saw Trent holding the bloody knife. He told her: “I’ve stabbed him.”

The Argus:

Trent had stabbed Ollie with “severe” force, so much so that the knife snapped in Ollie’s skull, leaving a part wedged 13cm deep into his brain.

Mrs Hutchinson battled to save Ollie’s life, but the 18-year-old died at the scene of his injuries.

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Following the trial at Hove Crown Court, Judge Jeremy Gold QC said Trent would be jailed for life.

He will serve a minimum of 14 years before he can be considered for parole.

The Argus:

The judge said: “What is clear is that, in an explosion of anger, you quite deliberately went to the kitchen and picked up a long kitchen knife.

“You followed Ollie out of the house and brutally stabbed him in the back with at least moderate force, penetrating through to his heart.

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“You then stabbed him a second time in the head, this time with severe force, the knife penetrating through his skill and into his brain.

“Despite your mother’s desperate attempts to help Ollie by tirelessly applying CPR until paramedics arrived, his death was inevitable.”

The Argus:

The judge praised the integrity and honourable actions of Mrs Hutchinson.

In a harrowing 999 call she was heard begging her son to help at least hold the telephone as she battled to help Ollie.

She told him not to run away, and told him “you have got to tell the truth.”

Mrs Hutchinson was asked by paramedics if her son had stabbed Ollie deliberately, and she replied: “In a frenzy.”

Trent had claimed he had acted in self defence, alleging there was a car full of “lads” outside, and banging at his front door.

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Ollie had been staying with Trent since October 2019 and sleeping in the same room.
Trent felt that Ollie had “brought trouble to our door”.

The Argus:

Trent told the court: “I was not really thinking. I was angry and annoyed at the situation.

“At the car I heard them say something about me not letting Ollie go and that they would ‘sort Trent out’.

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“I heard a car door open, and Ollie lunged towards me. Punches were thrown, and I punched to defend myself. It just happened in the fight in the heat of the moment.

“The knife snapped when I pulled it from his head. He slumped forward, gurgled and said my name. I panicked.

“I tried to help give CPR but I was upset. I was crying my eyes out.

“When I took the knife, I didn’t intend to harm Ollie.

“It f***** me up inside, I will regret it every day for the rest of my life.”

The Argus:

Sarah Jones QC told jurors that Ollie had so signs of defensive injuries and said Trent’s account was “ludicrous”.

Ms Jones QC said: “Both were young men and should have had their lives ahead of them.

“But the defendant stabbed Ollie Wells twice. Once in the head and once in the back, and in so doing killed him.

“Mr Wells was pronounced dead at the scene, a young man lost his life and was cruelly murdered by another young man.”

She told jurors Trent had been “arrogant” and shown no concern for the dying Ollie at the scene, and was more concerned about himself.

He had gone to hide his mobile phone from police.

She said: “The defendant’s anger cannot justify his thought process.

“He believes he cannot be held accountable for what he did in a rage. 

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“But rage is not a defence. Spur of the moment decisions are still bad decisions.”

The jury rejected Trent’s self defence claims, and he was found guilty on a unanimous verdict after two hours.

In court, Mr Wells’ family explained how the case had had a huge impact on the whole family, and said Ollie was very much loved.