• Combination class

    We've all flocked to gyms and classes at the start of the year full of good intentions to achieve the body beautiful. But unfortunately the dream of a toned, strong, lean and fit figure seems almost like too much hard work. Many of us don't want to

  • Wobble away weight

    Madonna, Sadie Frost and Claudia Schiffer are just a few of the celebs who have been singing the praises of the latest workout must-have the Power-plate. Rumour has it that the Material Girl, a 40-something who sports a body most 20-somethings would

  • Rite way to stop ageing

    If you thought the secret to everlasting youth was held in a syringefull of Botox, then you were wrong. While many women consider dabbling with syringes and the surgeon's knife in pursuit of youth, it turns out a bunch of Tibetan monks have had the answer

  • Joining in the fun

    If your children have got boundless energy, encourage them to burn it off while developing their physical and mental skills at the same time. Shoppers walking past Gymboree, in Churchill Square, Brighton, who hear the excited squeals of children from

  • Exercise away that hangover

    The gym is probably the last place you want to be with a stinking hangover but in America, they've dreamed up the nightmare-inducing "morning- after workout". While the only accompaniment most of us like to a pounding head and churning stomach is languishing

  • Taking the pain out of swotting

    Summer holidays might be on the horizon but there are exams to get through first meaning endless hours of revision for students of all ages. Faced with reams of paper to shuffle and complex terms to memorise, it's all too easy to stay up late, fuelled

  • Being a dad is a pretty tough call

    While dads everywhere will be celebrated on Father's Day,there will be many who are silently struggling with the ups-and-downs of parenting. But rather than sharing their worries and fears, they'll probably keep them hidden because, unlike women, men

  • My scores in the life chart

    Scientists say they can now predict our medical destiny. They can tell us what hideous diseases we're likely to get and even how and roughly when we'll die. There are even TV programmes dedicated to the subject. Channel 4's Turn Back Your Body Clock

  • Just friends?

    Movie star Jamie Foxx and Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria recently found themselves denying suggestions they are romantically involved, after reportedly being spotted hugging at a glitzy Golden Globes aftershow party, before leaving the bash

  • Inquiry told of sewage pong

    A water company has admitted a giant sewage plant close to homes on a greenfield site is going to smell. On the first day of a public inquiry into its plans to build a £200 million wastewater and sludge treatment works at Lower Hoddern Farm, Peacehaven

  • New ruling on paedophile who went free

    A convicted paedophile allowed to walk free from court might be put behind bars after all. Nelson Doe, 61, of Hillside, Patching, near Worthing, pleaded guilty to three charges of "sexual activity" with an under-age girl last month. But after hearing

  • Alert on the gay sex risk for 1 in 8

    A new HIV campaign has been launched in Brighton and Hove after an anonymous survey of men in the city's gay clubs and bars revealed one in eight have HIV. Research by the Terrence Higgins Trust also found almost half of gay men had had unprotected sex

  • Firm won't pay parking fines

    A company which owes £9,000 in parking ticket fines is threatening a council with court action unless it drops its demands for money. Suttons Solicitors, acting for Brighton firm Glowzone, has given Brighton and Hove City Council seven days to respond

  • Crawley food company is the Chef's choice

    Woodward Foodservice, which employs 100 people at its distribution centre in Crawley, has signed a lucrative contract to supply food to Little Chef restaurants throughout the UK. Under the three-year deal, worth over £12 million annually, Woodward will

  • Letter: Put dump at Falmer and stadium at Hollingdean

    As a community centre based in Hollingdean, we are absolutely appalled by the decision of Brighton and Hove City Council's planning committee to ignore the local community's overwhelming opposition and site the waste dump next to Downs Infant School and

  • Letter: Duty of care

    By allowing the planning application to build a waste disposal plant in the middle of a built-up area with schools very close by, Brighton and Hove City Council is in breach of its duty of care to the public. They are putting at risk the health of the

  • Letter: It's not so bad

    I live close to the proposed waste transfer facility at Hollingdean and have children at local infants, playgroups and secondary schools and not everyone in the area sees a problem with the proposed facility. It is not a "dump" - it's on the site of a

  • Fury over hike in car park fees

    Traders are furious after it was revealed parking charges have been put up at three city centre car parks. Motorists visiting the multi-storey NCP operated car parks in Brighton will now be charged as much as £2.80 to leave their cars for an hour. Drivers

  • Letter: Another tree gone

    Another mature tree has recently bitten the dust, on Tisbury Road next to Hove Town Hall. Perhaps it was not as historic but it had a raised, concrete-slab enclosure, so must have been considered quite a feature once. I wonder if it was planted when the

  • 150,000 homes planned for Sussex

    Proposals to build more than 150,000 new homes in Sussex were today described as "monstrous." A report published by the Government calling for the development of up to 7,630 new homes a year was slammed by councillors and politicians. Already, proposals

  • Letter: Ups and downs

    I see no reassurance in the crime figures released since drinking hours were extended. I am now 14 per cent less likely to suffer serious violent crime but 58.6 per cent more likely to encounter common assault and harassment. Overall this would seem to

  • Parents lose battle to save primary school

    Parents and governors have lost their fight to save their children's school. Yesterday parents with children at Fishersgate First School were told the school would close for good. West Sussex County Council has decided to merge the school with Manor Hall

  • Letter: In the shadow of a development plan

    While other developers build flats in keeping with current styles, why is Worthing Borough Council obsessed with creating some futuristic Croydon-by-the-Sea with the development I dub Teville Towers? Some years ago, I lived in the shadow of not one but

  • Councils splash out £15m on their temps

    Councils in Sussex spent more than £15 million on temporary and agency staff in just a year. The GMB union is accusing councils across East and West Sussex of wasting tax-payers' money after it compiled a list showing how much each one spends on temporary

  • Letter: Park and clamp

    I am 84 years old, disabled and hold a vehicle disability card which expired on June 1. I applied in good time for a new card from my local social services, only to find I had to supply two further passport photos. As I am disabled, I depend on friends

  • Neighbour is accused of ASBO breach

    A man who made his neighbours' lives a misery allegedly broke an antisocial behaviour order, a court heard. Gordon Clarke had the Asbo and a restraining order slapped on him after problems with neighbours in Crawley. It prevented him from harassing, threatening

  • £75 fines to combat litter

    Seagulls and vermin tearing into rubbish bags could force people pay £75 fines. Eastbourne Borough Council is adopting a new law to stop people leaving their rubbish out in bin bags which birds, rats and foxes claw apart to scavenge. The move comes after

  • Pete's the star in the twirling task trials

    Daddy Fantastic singer Pete Stephenson went from Tourette's to majorettes as the housemates' latest task descended into disaster. Dressed in red leotard dresses, gold waistcoats and red top hats the housemates have been tasked with pulling off a baton-twirling

  • Bush wants to close Guantanamo camp

    George Bush has made his first public declaration that he wants to close the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. Mr Bush told EU leaders in Vienna yesterday that he would like to send many detainees home and put others on trial in the US. Campaigners for

  • Letter: Vandals' plot

    To parents with children, do you know where your kids are and what they are doing? Our allotments near Whitehawk are getting vandalised by young kids and teenagers. They burn down sheds and steal our vegetables and tools. We think it is about time their

  • Letter: Dangerous pier

    I agree with some of what Sylvia Harwood said regarding stupid boys jumping into the sea from the pier (Letters, June 19). You should not print photos or report their behaviour because that is, indeed, what they want. However, I would not go so far as

  • Letter: Breach of the peace is a crime

    In reply to Bruno Beloff's comments about the naked bike ride (Letters, June 14), he seems to have a very strange understanding of our laws. British law is made up of both Common Law and Statute Law. Common Law is that which has been regarded as law in

  • Talks over 'anti gay' gig

    Talks have been held between members of the gay community and a nightclub over a controversial singer who is to play the venue. Jamaican dance hall artist Buju Banton, who has written songs inciting the shooting and killing of gay people, will appear

  • Pier to close for at least six weeks

    The seaward end of Hastings Pier will remain closed for at least six weeks despite pleas from tearful traders. But the horseshoe section by the promenade will remain open 'for now'. Emotions were running high yesterday as traders wearing 'Save our Pier

  • Football: Seagulls' home draw

    Albion have been drawn at home to League Two side Boston United in the first round of the Carling Cup. The tie at Withdean in the week commencing August 21 gives the cash-strapped Seagulls the chance of landing a Premiership club in round two. Twelve

  • Tennis: Have faith in Mauresmo

    Nathalie Dechy predicted today that Amelie Mauresmo can still win Wimbledon after wrecking the world No. 1's preparations by knocking her out of Eastbourne. Mauresmo slumped to a shock 3-6, 6-2, 6-3 defeat in the second round of the Hastings Direct Championships

  • Cricket: C&G heroes back in business

    Chris Adams is determined Sussex do not get distracted by their August date at Lord's and his side looked determined to concentrate on the here and now at Arundel yesterday. His attack justified Adams' decision to field first after he won the toss by

  • Letter: It's a breakdown

    So, despite thousands of letters of protest from residents young and old, objections from governors and headteachers from local schools, objections from local businesses and even objections from many of their own councillors, Brighton and Hove City Council

  • Speedway: Shields may quit Poland

    Adam Shields is ready to quit the Polish League amid fears he is about to be axed by the team for whom he suffered serious injury. The Eastbourne Eagles star believes second division outfit Lublin want to cut their losses after a poor start to the season

  • Letter: This honour is well-deserved

    I know I will be one of many people to congratulate Selma Montford on her MBE. She and I have fought and argued for years about Brighton and Hove and development and architecture. She is one of the people who have shaped the debate about the future of

  • Cancer dad appeal tops £52,000 mark

    An appeal to help a father stricken by cancer has now raised more than £52,000. The money has been pouring in for the Neil Cooper Appeal since it was launched by The Argus at the end of April. Mr Cooper, 33, from Portslade is recovering from his third

  • Letter: Falmer wind up

    How many times does JM Hawkins have to write to the letters page before he or she gets the point about the Albion playing at Falmer? His or her ramblings have now reached unbelievable levels. Myself and many others have responded to this person's letters

  • June 22: C&G heroes back in business

    Chris Adams is determined Sussex do not get distracted by their August date at Lord's and his side looked determined to concentrate on the here and now at Arundel yesterday. His attack justified Adams' decision to field first after he won the toss by

  • Letter: A great day out at Kemp Town's Carnival

    It was good to see your coverage of this year's Carnival in Kemp Town (The Argus, June 19). I was there nearly all day and shook hands and took photographs of hundreds of residents and visitors. The atmosphere was magical and the weather was kind to this

  • Back health

    A bad back can be the bane of your life. Everyday tasks can result in agony and there's no quick-fix solution for your pain. But if you suffer from back pain,you're certainly not alone. Back pain affects 28.3 million Brits, according to a recent

  • Run to the beat

    In what could possibly be the best pairing since gin and tonic, Nike and Apple have joined forces to create a very posh pedometer. The Nike+iPod Sport Kit is the latest must-have for the digital generation a pair of trainers which can "talk" to your

  • Stay ahead at 50

    Life may begin at 50 but, sadly, your skin and hair will need more care and attention once you hit that milestone. Several factors play a part in how you look and feel, from pollution and diet to hormones and genetics. But while you may not be able

  • Get into the hoop loop

    Once the preserve of bubble-gum blowing kids, the humble hula hoop is enjoying a second wind. Like the girls who first picked one up in the Fifties, the hoop has cast aside its ringlets and milkshake image and is all grown up. In the States, stressed-out

  • Hoover up the lbs

    For those who wouldn't dream of stepping foot in a gym, it could be a fitness plan made in heaven. Scientists claim to have found a way of shedding the pounds and it doesn't involve treadmills or tricep dips. Instead, they say walking the dog, mowing