• Michael Clark: O, Dome Concert Hall, Brighton

    As Iggy Pop's Mass Production roared around the Dome and seven dancers arched their backs in seedy Leigh Bowery unitards, Michael Clark himself made an appearance on Wednesday night. In a blonde shock of a wig he looked like a mad scientist, minding his

  • Letter: I could do that

    When my son moved to Brighton 18 months ago he was full of excitement as he was leaving home for the first time to set up for himself in a bright new city. He quickly got a job in a fast food outlet where he worked for 18 months, leaving in December after

  • Letter: Lamp posts in blue and white hoops

    Regarding Dr Alan Bond's recent letter, the point is that with Brighton and Hove City Council's encouragement, about ten per cent of the population of our city is defining its identity and now, it would appear, is attempting to redefine its heritage.

  • Woman 'fought knifeman with her slippers'

    A mother-of-two hit alleged multiple killer Daniel Gonzalez with slippers as she tried to defend her husband from a knife attack, a court heard. Christalla Constantinou refused to lock herself into a bedroom after Gonzalez broke into their home. She was

  • Plea to US Embassy for release of detainee

    Campaigners seeking the release of former Brighton resident Omar Deghayes from Guantanamo Bay prison camp have argued their case before a top US Embassy official. Jackie Chase of the Save Omar campaign, Mr Deghayes's brother Abubaker, his lawyer Clive

  • Poster row fan risking arrest

    A Brighton and Hove Albion supporter is refusing to back down despite being threatened with arrest for allegedly harassing Lewes District Council leader Ann De Vecchi. Roz South says she is waiting to be arrested over posters she produced that accused

  • No compulsory water metering in Sussex

    Water customers in Sussex will not be forced to have meters installed in their homes in the near future, despite new powers available to providers. Companies in the region today said they have no immediate plans to take advantage of a landmark Government

  • Letter: Let our foxes be

    In reponse to the pest controller's letter (The Argus, February 25), probably more than any other British mammal, the fox suffers through a misunderstanding of its way of life. Foxes do not keep breeding to create an exploding population as the letter

  • Letter: Prevent pooch purloining

    I am horrified that people steal dogs and ship them to Ireland. Who on earth in their right minds could do such a wicked thing? Dogs are totally defenceless - they are loved dearly by most owners and those who have lost their dogs are desperate and need

  • Police in £53m heist dawn raid

    Armed police arrested a man in connection with Britain's biggest cash heist during a dawn raid at a Sussex address. Albanian national Ermir Hysenaj, 28, a worker at the Securitas depot robbed of £53 million, was woken at 6am as officers smashed down his

  • Letter: We don't want to talk to automatons

    The world nowadays seems to be run by automation and this was brought home to me when my home telephone went wrong. My trustworthy British Telecom phone could not receive calls or allow me to make calls and I was in trouble. I have never given in to using

  • Basketball: Huntley warns Bears fans

    Ryan Huntley today warned his old fans at Brighton not to expect an easy ride when free-falling Leicester come to town. The Leicester Riders point guard, who helped Bears win the BBL Cup last season, laughed off any suggestion of unrest among his current

  • Letter: Use existing laws rather than making new ones

    By this time next year, another new law should be implemented, not only in Brighton and Hove but nationwide, whereby smoking will be outlawed in all public places. Included in this legislation, there is to be a three-metre "exclusion zone" surrounding

  • Smaller, Theatre Royal, Brighton, March 6-11

    A powerhouse of talent lies at the heart of this new production, a tragi-comic tale of family ties. Written by Carmel Morgan, creator of countless episodes of Coronation Street and Brookside, and directed by Kathy Burke, Smaller stars Dawn French and

  • The Crowstarver, Gardner Arts Centre, Falmer, March 9-11

    A gripping children's story, The Crowstarver tells the tale of "Spider" Sparrow, abandoned as a baby in a lambing pen. Taken in by farmers, the boy grows up with an amazing way with animals. He tames foxes, scares away crows from the farm fields and even

  • Relative, The Hawth, Crawley, Friday, March 3

    The relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents is one rarely explored in drama. In Relative, award-winning performer Niki McCretton and digital artist Kathy Hinde do just that, using footage and music from their grandparents' era. The result

  • Transport tips for Japan

    Japanese government officials have been looking at Brighton and Hove's bus technology for tips on improving their own public transport systems. Kiyoshi Sakai, a government director in the Japanese land and infrastructure management ministry, and transport

  • Syriana

    (15, 127mins) George Clooney, Matt Damon, Alexander Siddig, Amanda Peet, Max Minghella, Michelle Monaghan, Gina Gershon, Greta Scacchi. Directed by Stephen Gaghan Stephen Gaghan, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Traffic, steps behind the camera to direct

  • The Proposition

    (18, 104 mins): Starring Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Emily Watson, Danny Huston, John Hurt and David Wenham. Directed by John Hillcoat. Nick Cave's screenwriting debut is everything a great western should be. A bullet-ridden melee of heightened realism,

  • Baker leaves the front line

    MP Norman Baker has resigned from the Liberal Democrat shadow cabinet just as his preferred candidate won the party leadership. The Lewes MP said that after six years as Shadow Environment Secretary, he was in danger of becoming "stale". He announced

  • Delays, Concorde 2, Brighton, Wednesday, March 8

    Refreshingly different from rockier Rough Trade label mates such as Franz Ferdinand and Babyshambles, Southampton's Delays create melodic guitar pop in the tradition of The Byrds, The Hollies, The Stone Roses and The La's. They make no bones about their

  • Jamie T, Ocean Rooms, Brighton, Wednesday, March 8

    Don't be fooled by his MC-like moniker: Jamie T is a tall, skinny lad from the southwest London suburb of Wimbledon, obsessed with The Clash, Tom Waits, Rancid and The Specials as much as he's influenced by the garage and drum 'n' bass raves he grew up

  • Blue Remembered Hills, New Venture Theatre, Brighton

    Dennis Potter was a prolific writer of television plays which were ground-breaking in their style and content. Only a few of these have made the crossover to the stage - Blue Remembered Hills being the most successful. Set in wartime Britain, it depicts

  • Letter: Welcome to the Madeira Drive's free caravan camp site

    Could someone please tell me why Brighton and Hove City Council are still allowing travellers to park in Madeira Drive? They have taken over the whole car park with not only all manner of vehicles - caravans, cars, vans, you name it - but also washing

  • Letter: Avoid fowl play

    This country imports thousands of fowl every month, especially chickens from the EU and France in particular. With the outbreak of H5N1 in France, all imports of live fowl into this country must be halted, regardless of the cost to industry. Our own poultry

  • Crawely in crisis

    Crawley Town are in financial crisis. The entire squad is up for sale and chairman Chas Majeed has told the club's employees, including office staff, that they will have to take a 50 per cent wage cut. The players are still owed their February salaries

  • Operator takes own 999 advice

    A 999 telephone operator who gives life-saving instructions to callers used her own advice to save a life. Sarah McHugh was taking a dip in a swimming pool when she sprang into action. Miss McHugh, a resource dispatcher at the Sussex Ambulance control

  • Airports on alert to halt drugs imports

    Drugs with a street value of more than £660,000 are seized at Sussex airports every week. Cocaine made up the biggest haul last year as drug barons from South America and the Caribbean tried to flood Brighton and Hove. Millions of pounds worth of softer

  • Letter: 1Rare samaritan

    Last week I travelled to Brighton to stay with family from my home in South Shropshire and en route to my parents, I stopped out-oftown to do a spot of shopping. When I returned to the car, I strapped my four-month-old daughter in the car, leaving my

  • Letter: No parking place

    Today, I had an appointment at the Royal Sussex County Hospital at 11am. I arrived at the hospital at 10.40am to give myself plenty of time to park. As I approached the multistorey car park, I was stopped by a man who told me the queue for parking was

  • Exodus as takings hit £50 a day low

    A string of shops in Brighton and Hove's fashionable shopping quarter are closing down. Shopkeepers in North Laine are blame soaring costs and poor sales. They say rents and business rates have increased by thousands of pounds during the last year while

  • Disabled are denied access

    Disabled people are being denied full access to half of Brighton and Hove's council buildings, claims a new report. Figures supplied by councils to the Audit Commission reveal that only 50 per cent of local authority buildings in the city are designed

  • Letter: Ringing changes

    On the matter of tinnitus (The Argus, March 1), hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) has been found to be successful. It would appear it is essential to start HBOT as soon as possible - the best results are achieved when HBOT is started within the first

  • Letter: No sympathy

    Recent announcements from the United Nations about the level of cocaine use in Great Britain and also the fact we are now the highest percentage users of cannabis in Europe make it clear that drug policies in place for many years have been a total and

  • Letter: What can I do?

    From 1992 until May last year, I was a carer for my husband. He had lost a leg as a result of undiagnosed diabetes. I received no help from my family, let alone anyone else. Towards the end, I was ill myself through what I had put up with. I was with

  • Elphick gets the call

    Tommy Elphick has been added to the Albion squad for tomorrow's trip to Plymouth. The young centre half impressed manager Mark McGhee in Wednesday's FA Youth Cup quarter-final exit on penalties against Newcastle at St James' Park. "I thought he did really

  • McGhee speaks out

    Mark McGhee claimed today it would be "outrageous" for Albion to sack him if they are relegated. The Seagulls' manager insists the job he is doing, under unique pressures, warrants the tacit support he is receiving from the majority of fans. He says critics

  • Thieves rob couple of their coffee business

    Espressos have ground to a halt outside a train station after thieves stole a mobile coffee stall. Richard Lattimer and his partner Kiya Salim, 36, have been serving early morning espressos, cappuccinos and lattes to commuters outside Hove station since

  • Homeless find a good neighbour in MGM

    A business has chosen to raise £15,000 for a neighbouring homeless charity over the coming year. MGM Assurance in Heene Road, Worthing, hopes to raise the cash for Worthing Churches' Homeless Projects so it can rebuild a recreation room in nearby accommodation

  • North Laine shops are shutting up

    A string of shops in Brighton and Hove's fashionable shopping quarter are closing down. Shopkeepers in North Laine are blame soaring costs and poor sales. They say rents and business rates have increased by thousands of pounds during the last year while

  • MP wants sprinklers to be compulsory

    An MP is pressing for a change in the law to prevent tragic deaths caused by house fires. Celia Barlow, MP for Hove, wants sprinklers installed in all new homes, high-rise buildings, schools and shared properties. She made the plea in response to a number

  • Capote

    (15, 114 mins) Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Clifton Collins Jr, Mark Pellegrino, Bruce Greenwood, Amy Ryan, Bob Balaban. Directed by Bennett Miller Philip Seymour Hoffman delivers a mesmerising, BAFTA award-winning performance as Truman Capote

  • Fire risk at town hall

    A listed building used for council meetings for 175 years has been abandoned because it is a fire hazard. Brighton and Hove City Council has been banned from holding full meetings in Brighton Town Hall's council chamber following fears it falls short

  • Factory plots will be flats

    A factory is to be demolished and replaced with a seven-storey block of flats. Staff at Deacon Laboratories in Conway Street, Hove, are moving to alternative premises by the end of the year so 28 affordable flats can be built on the site. Brighton and

  • The Buzzcocks, Concorde 2, Brighton, Tuesday, March 7

    The Granddaddies of punk rock have now clocked up a 30-year reign and are still going strong, although they've broken up and got back together again more times than Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. Having just released their eighth album, Flat-Pack Philosophy

  • Gogol Bordello, Concorde 2, Brighton, Sunday, March 5

    New York City's Gogol Bordello make The Strokes look about as punk as Britney Spears. Fronted by the charismatic Ukrainian-born New Yorker Eugene Hutz, the eight-strong, culturally diverse Gogol collective fuse gipsy music, rock'n'roll and other rebel

  • Critics' choice

    The guide offers a critical view of what's hot for the following week. The Wonder Stuff, Concorde 2, Brighton, Saturday, March 4 - After several reunion tours over the past few years, these Brummie heroes are back with a new album, Suspended By Stars,

  • Stompa Phunk: Layo & Bushwacka!, Audio, Brighton, Fri, March 3

    Layo and Bushwacka arrive at Audio to mark the release of their third album, Feels Closer, which is out a week on Monday. Released on their new label, Olmeto, it features collaborations with Green Velvet, Groove Armada's Tim Hutton, Brazilian superstars